Introduction to Ferrariㅡ The Beast of A Machine

Everytime we speak of speed and power in a sporty package, Ferrari is a name that comes up in our mind. It’s something that speaks for itself. Ferrari is not just any car, it’s primarily a racing car.

Let’s take a ride back and forth in time, knowing how this luxurious car brand got established and renowned globally.

The birth of the Prancing Horse

In 1929, Scuderia Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari with the mindset to create something superior, fast and ideal for speed racing. Much focussed on motorsports in the earlier period, Ferrari began its first production of road cars in the year 1947. This is another fact that Enzo wasn’t really interested in producing road cars initially, especially when he initiated Scuderia Ferrari..

Ever since the company got established, Ferrari has come up with some extraordinary dynamically capable, world-recognized and immensely-praised sports and supercars. And they continue to do the same even now. There is a huge fan base for Ferrari all across the globe.

Ferrari has been the cornerstone for Formula One Racing since the initiation period of this World Championship Series in the year 1950. Taken over by the Fiat group in 1969, Ferrari maintained their grip in speed racing event, Formula One.

The Italian car maker also produced many famous road cars as well. Dino, Enzo, F40 are among them.

Maranello, a town near Bologna in northern Italy, has always been the home for Ferrari since the 1940s. The Ferrari warehouse stretches on an area of 250,000 sq. metres comprising of 45 buildings, housing more than 3000 workers. Ferrari is all about passion, innovation and cutting-edge technology, formulated by savvy engineers to provide the worldwide consumers with GT and Formula One cars.

Here are some fascinating facts about Ferrari that will surely give you a deep insight about this legendary car brand.

  • Enzo Ferrari’s father was a mule-shoer and blacksmith for the Italian army.

  • Enzo was ten years old when his father took him and his brother to watch a race in Bologna. Ever since, Enzo had the adamancy to be a speed racer, which turned out true when he was 21 in 1919.

  • The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 was the root cause for the H1N1 virus that we hear about in the 21 century. Enzo’s father and brother got infected with this flu and died, failing to recover from this disease. Even Enzo got struck by this deadly disease, which almost killed him. Yet he managed to pull through. When he returned home after getting discharged, he realized that his family business had collapsed in his absence. For survival, Enzo had to look for a job. Even though Fiat rejected Enzo’s candidature, he joined a small car-making company called CMN as a test-driver. Thereafter his friend got him a job as a racing car driver in Alfa-Romeo.

    Ten years later, Enzo Ferrari started of with his own racing unit, called the Scuderia Ferrari. And the rest is history.

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