Presenting the Superb Ferrari 458 Speciale

With some subtle changes in the Ferrari 458 Italia, Maranello created this beast of a machine, the very stylish Ferrari 458 Speciale. For many, this car is just a louder and speedier version of the 458 Italia that has been a worldwide sensation. Well, it’s not just that. There is a lot more to it.

The  Ferrari 458 Speciale comes with power-packed upgrades.Some of the highlighting features are...

  • Faster shift

  • Quicker turns

  • Shorter stop

  • Better overall execution

  • Better control tail out sideways action

This car inculcates some clever technology and engineering, a sublime chassis that makes it faster than the originals. More horsepower + less weight = more speed.

This car is definitely an icing on the cake for those who want something extra to amplify the driving. Add some more horsepower and slight reduction of the weight and there you go, this car is a little faster than the original. Best of all, Ferrari has improved on the 458’s sublime chassis with a fresh dose of cutting edge technology and engineering. All in all, it’s a package full of power, pleasure and thrill that any driver would humbly seek.

Inculcating the best of technology and engineering, Ferrari has smartly upgraded the 458 with some horsepower to beware ofㅡ 569 hp, which is 34 hp more than the usual. The torque and redline remain the same, i.e. 9,000 rpm. Well, in a nutshell, at a price of 25% more than the standard Ferrari 458, you are able to achieve a car which has the capability to set the best time record in the Fiorano test track. Definitely worth it!

This car reaches 0-60 mph in mere 3 seconds, and the shifts from the dual clutch system are also 25% faster as compared to the standard. The kerb weight has been reduced by almost 200 pounds by getting rid of the luxurious amenities profoundly present in car, intending to make things more comfortable, like glove box, armrest, stereo etc.

Apart from this, there were some serious changes in the aerodynamics. For instance, the drag and downforce were being affected by active and passive controls. The front and rear spring loaded air-flaps enhance the downforce for much higher speed cornering capabilities.

But the coolest feature of this car is the slide-slip angle control (SSC). This system helps the driver to enforce more stability in the corners, and likewise propel more agility when needed.

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